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  • Pratt, Cathy; Wilczynski, Susan; Dodson, Kim; Trivedi, Michele; Renay, Dana; Tomlin, Angela (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 2013)
    This article offers a checklist for families to evaluate Applied Behavior Analysis programs providing early intervention services for young children. Some critical components of quality ABA programs include data collection, ...
  • Davis, Kim (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, 2011)
    The future for a student with an autism spectrum disorder is often in the hands of the case conference committee. The decisions made by the case conference committee during the school years impacts the future life of each ...
  • Dubie, Melissa (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, 2011)
    There are many options to consider for young woman preparing to shave. One will want to think about the different types of razors available, supplies that are needed, best time of day to shave and how that fits into a ...
  • Pratt, Cathy (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, 2011)
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) includes tools and strategies widely used in the autism community. This article is the first in a series of articles about strategies associated with applied behavior analysis.
  • Wheeler, Marci (Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, 2011)
    Professors and other instructors need to be aware of possible supports that a student on the autism spectrum might find necessary to participate in class and complete classwork. The following six sections briefly state ...

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