Madan Lal Puri Collection


Professor Emeritus
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Research Scholar

Department of Mathematics
Indiana University Bloomington

Puri was awarded his B.A. degree in 1948 from the Punjab University in India and continued to study there for a master's degree which was awarded in 1950. In January 1951 he was appointed as a lecturer in mathematics at Punjab University of India and he taught mathematics at several different colleges between January 1951 and August 1957. In September 1957 Puri moved to the United States being appointed as an instructor and graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After a year he moved to the University of California at Berkeley where he was a research assistant in statistics. Puri was awarded his doctorate in 1962 after submitting his thesis Asymptotic Efficiency of a Class of C-Sample Tests. After the award of his Ph.D., Puri was appointed as an assistant professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences in New York. Puri came to Indiana University as a full professor in 1968.

Puri is considered one of the world’s most versatile, prolific researchers and influential contributors to theoretical statistics over more than four decades. His research areas include nonparametric statistics, limit theory under mixing, time series, tests of normality, generalized inverses of matrices, stochastic processes, statistics of directional data and fuzzy sets and fuzzy measures. His work on rank-based methods has driven the frontier of the subject forward, and his fundamental contributions in developing rank-based methods and precise evaluation of the standard procedures, asymptotic expansions of distributions of rank statistics and large deviation results concerning them, span various areas such as analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis and time series.

Puiri has been honored by universities in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East as visiting fellow, chair professor, guest professor and distinguished visitor. In 1974, he was invited by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences to visit Japan under its Visiting Professorship Program to conduct cooperative research with Japanese scientists. Puri is an elected fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the American Statistical Association; an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and the New York Academy of Sciences; and an Honorary Fellow of the International Indian Statistical Society. In 1975 the Punjab University in India awarded him a D.Sc. Puri twice received the Senior U.S. Scientist Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, in 1974 and in 1983. In 1974 he was honoured by the German government "in recognition of past achievements in research and teaching." He was also a Distinguished Visitor at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1991. As Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Research Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Madan Puri also some of the American Statistical Association’s most prestigious honors, including the Gottfried E. Noether Senior Scholar Award in 2008 and the Samuel S. Wilks Award in 2014.

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