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dc.description Thesis (M.A.)--Indiana University South Bend, 2011. en
dc.description.abstract (Three short fantasy stories followed by an essay on the fantasy genre.) One of the best aspects of the Fantasy genre is that it allows its readers to escape into another world, and I wanted to write pieces that would allow my reader to escape the everyday world, be enjoyable to read, and engage in social commentary. Since my stories are firmly set within the Fantasy genre, in order for the stories to succeed I needed to create a Secondary World. In my Secondary World Gods materialize in corporeal form and interact with the mortal coil. As the stories progressed, I linked back to both earlier stories and earlier events to create a consistency within the works. All of the stories tend towards a rite of passage tale, and each story has a different central theme. The differing themes, my desire to potentially write other stories occurring in the intervening years between these three stories, and genre publication conventions are why I chose to submit three short stories instead of a longer novella....My Secondary world is a Mesoamerican world. The rules of this world are different from the mundane world because gods take corporeal form and impossible things, like one man slaying an entire city, can happen...When I wrote "Warrior's Choice," I mimicked the style of writing from the various types of mythologies I have read in order to give my Secondary World believability. Much like many Greek and Roman myths, "Warrior's Choice" relies on heavy description and minimal dialogue to move the story....I based "Warrior's Choice" around the mythology of Tezcatlipoca...."Warrior's Choice" mimics the mythological style of writing. Since I was dealing with a mythos surrounding a God, I wanted to create an easy way to allow my reader to suspend disbelief. Readers are willing to accept the fantastic elements in a myth as long as the story maintains the correct format; heavy description that helps create a visual picture, information about the proper way to behave in the society, a virtue or lesson that needs to be learned, and little to no dialogue are typical of mythological tales. "Warrior's Choice" incorporates all of these aspects....The focus of this project was to demonstrate academic proficiency combined with competency within the genre of choice. en
dc.description.sponsorship Indiana University South Bend Graduate School; Indiana University South Bend Department of English en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Indiana University South Bend en
dc.subject Fantasy fiction en
dc.subject Aztec mythology in literature en
dc.subject English literature--Mayan influences en
dc.subject Indians of Central America--Mythology en
dc.title The Jaguar King Cycle en
dc.title.alternative Warrior's Choice en
dc.title.alternative Jaguar's Dawn en
dc.title.alternative Full Circle en
dc.title.alternative Fantasy and The Jaguar King Cycle en
dc.type Thesis en

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