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  • Bertolami, O.; Colladay, Don; Kostelecký, V.A.; Potting, R. (Physics Letters B, 1997)
    We examine the effects on baryogenesis of spontaneous $\text{CPT}$ violation in a string-based scenario. Under suitable circumstances, certain $\text{CPT}$-violating terms can produce a large baryon asymmetry at the ...
  • Chodos, Alan; Kostelecký, V.A. (Physics Letters B, 1994)
    Recently, a type of null experiment for spacelike neutrinos has been proposed. We examine in detail a class of null tests involving nuclear beta decay or capture in atoms and ions. The most promising candidate systems are ...
  • Chodos, Alan; Hauser, Avi I.; Kostelecký, V.A. (Physics Letters B, 1985)
    We investigate the hypothesis that at least one of the known neutrinos travels faster than light. The current experimental situation is examined within this purview.
  • Kostelecký, V.A.; Potting, Robertus (Nuclear Physics B, )
    We define the string space-time symmetries $\text{C,P,T}$ and their products. The effects of nonlocal interactions and the infinite number of particle fields are incorporated using string field theory. At the dynamical ...
  • Tasson, Jay D.; Kostelecký, V.A. (Physics Letters B, 2015)
    Limits on gravitational Čerenkov radiation by cosmic rays are obtained and used to constrain coefficients for Lorentz violation in the gravity sector associated with operators of even mass dimensions, including ...

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