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  • Engs, Ruth C. (Indiana University, 2013)
    The PURPOSE of these lectures is to present an overview of the history, and to some extent the historiography, of public health, and its many entities over the centuries-- particularly from the mid-19th century-- so as to ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (Indiana University, 2014)
    This article describes the addictive process, common characteristics and possible causes of addictive behaviors.
  • Engs, Ruth C. (Indiana University, 2014)
    This essay describes the reasons why the drinking age should be lowered based upon research. The current law is unenforceable and has caused increased personal, social, academic and physical problems related to heavy and ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (Taylor & Francis, 1998)
    This article describes four easy “magic tricks” which can be used as “attention getters” for AIDS and STD prevention. The effect of each trick, the secret of how to make and perform it, and an educational message to go ...
  • DeCoster, David; Engs, Ruth; Larson, Ralph; McPherson, Philip (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1976-09)
    This article describes steps in developing and alcohol awareness program on the college campus.

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