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  • Engs, Ruth C.; Mulhall, Peter F . (1982-08-30)
    BACKGROUND:The literature suggests that stress is associated with illness, especially among older adults. The PURPOSE of the study was to assess if there is an association between health concerns and life stress among ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (1994)
    This presentation is a health education lecture using magic effects. It covers alcohol, smoking and drugs, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, and other health topics. It is a working outline for a ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (1994-07-08)
    Magic techniques and “tricks” can be used by outreach workers or educators as part of HIV prevention programming and health promotion. The technique illustrated here are good "attention getters," have short educational ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (1982-03-23)
    Young single parent women have stressful physical, social and psychological life events resulting from their pregnancy and parenting without a partner. Teaching self- hypnosis techniques can help reduce stress and increase ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (1980-02)
    Various philosophies of alcohol and drug education have been attempted in schools, colleges and universities—generally without much success. They include abstinence, socio-economic, alcoholism, alternatives, control of ...

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