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  • Engs, Ruth Clifford (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014-08)
    Agitation for eugenics, immigration restriction, and birth control were intertwined during the first decades of the twentieth century along with numerous other health issues. Campaigns for these causes led to public policies ...
  • Engs, Ruth Clifford (Abbey Press, 2008)
    St. Benedict of Nursia, the founder of western monasticism, compiled the Rule of St. Benedict (RB), a guide for monastic organizations and common-sense living. Numerous works over the centuries have been written about RB ...
  • Engs, Ruth Clifford (Saint Meinrad Archabbey, 2003)
    St. Scholastica, based upon centuries of tradition, is considered the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia, founder of monastic communities and compiler of the Rule of St. Benedict, a guide to common-sense living and ...
  • Engs, Ruth C. (Indiana University, 2013)
    The PURPOSE of these lectures is to present an overview of the history, and to some extent the historiography, of public health, and its many entities over the centuries-- particularly from the mid-19th century-- so as to ...
  • Engs, Ruth C.; Mulqueeney, Kerry E. (Pergamon Press Ltd., 1983)
    During first semester 1980, 96 first and last year male police students and 166 law students were surveyed about their drug use patterns and attitudes towards alcohol. Of these students, 69.3 percent drank at least once a ...

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