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The Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University was founded in 1960 by the late Norwood Russell Hanson. It was Hanson's view, paraphrasing Kant, that history of science without philosophy of science is blind, and that philosophy of science without history of science is empty. The department combines studies in both disciplines, enabling students to pursue both master's and doctoral training in history and philosophy of science.

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  • Gliboff, Sander (2012)
    Ernst Haeckel’s monistic worldview and his interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution worked together to help him rule out any role for divine providence or any non-material mind, spirit, will, or purpose in the ...
  • Gliboff, Sander (2015)
    This paper follows the career of Erich Tschermak (1871–1962, aka Erich von Tschermak-Seysenegg), one of the three “co-rediscoverers” of Mendel’s laws. It considers the practical ramifications, in agriculture, eugenics, and ...
  • Gliboff, Sander (2002)
    In scientific controversy, as in sports, there are winners and losers, but sometimes also spoilers—unheralded outsiders, who defy convention and change the terms, the style, and the outcome of the competition, even if they ...
  • Gliboff, Sander (2015)
    Mendel's paper as part of a large body of nineteenth-century literature on practical plant- and animal breeding and experimental hybridization, which contained a confusing and contradictory assortment of observations on ...
  • Gliboff, Sander (2013)
    Far from being designed only for the ages, Mendel’s celebrated experiments on hybridization in peas addressed the interests of contemporary breeders, plant hybridizers, Mendel’s teachers in Vienna, brothers at the monastery, ...

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