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Recent Submissions

  • Rudman, Albert J.; Blakely, Robert, F. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1975)
    In 1960 Roland G. Henderson, of the U.S. Geological Survey, published a comprehensive system for computation of first and second derivatives of potential fields and the continuation of fields to levels above or below the ...
  • Spencer, Frank D. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1953)
    The Indiana coal field forms the eastern edge of the eastern interior coal basin, which is near some manufacturing areas of the United States. For this reason Indiana coal reserves are an important State and National asset.
  • Bassett, Peggy A.; Keith, Brian D (Indiana Geological Survey, 1984)
    A part of this data base was originally compiled during research on the Trenton Limestone by Brian D. Keith. Because of increased interest by the petroleum industry in deeper subsurface units in Indiana, we have expanded ...
  • Malott, Clyde A. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1979)
    The scientific paper that is reprinted here is the first published research of a man who became a leading authority on the geomorphology and stratigraphy of southern Indiana. During his 35-year career at Indiana University, ...
  • Kwon, Byung-Doo; Blakely, Robert F.; Rudman, Albert, J. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1978)
    Automatic (computer) correlation of geophysical logs is complicated by stratigraphic thickening (or stretch) from one area to another. Previous algorithms compute the stretch with repeated crosscorrelations of the original ...

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