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  • Hendrix, Thomas E. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1962)
    The Department of Geology at Indiana University offers course G429 Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains as a part of its geologic training program and a requirement for the Bachelor of Science degree. This guidebook is ...
  • Perry, Thomas G.; Smith, Ned M.; Wayne, William J. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1964)
    Both the geologist and the layman have recognized the excellence of the Salem as a dimension stone for more than a century. In recent years the Salem limestone has attracted the attention of petroleum geologists, some of ...
  • Gray, Henry H.; Dawson, T.A.; McGregor, Duncan J.; Perry, T.G.; Wayne, William J. (Indiana Geological Society, 1957)
    The purpose of this field conference is to acquaint participants with strata that are associated with the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian unconformity in southwestern Indiana. Criteria which aid in distinguishing between ...
  • Esarey, R.E.; Bieberman, D.F.; Bieberman, R.A. (Department of Geology, Indiana University, 1950)
    The Mississippian-Pennsylvanian unconformity is the most pronounced and extensive break in the Paleozoic rocks of the Eastern Interior Basin. During the long erosional interval Mississippian beds were truncated and a ...
  • Patton, John B.; Perry, Thomas G.; Wayne, William J. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1953)
    Within recent years field conferences sponsored by the Geological Survey, Indiana Department of Conservation, and the Department of Geology, Indiana University, have reviewed outstanding exposures and of parts of the ...

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