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  • Wier, Charles E. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1961)
    Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian rocks in Southwestern Indiana were studied using outcrops, cores, driller's logs of core tests, and electric logs of oil tests. These rocks are sedimentary in origin. Clastic rocks--sandstone, ...
  • McGregor, Duncan J. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1958-12)
    Limestone that is chemically suitable and easily accessible for cement manufacture can be found at many places in Indiana in the Mississippian limestones and to a more limited extent in the Devonian limestones. Clay, shale, ...
  • Carr, Donald D. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1973)
    Oolitic limestones constitute 22 percent of the Ste. Genevieve and Paoli Limestones (Mississippian) in seven cores equally spaced along the length of outcrop in southern Indiana; which lies on the eastern margin of the ...
  • Rooney, Lawrence F.; Carr, Donald D. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1971)
    The title of this report as first proposed was "What a Consulting Geologist Should Know About Industrial Limestone" because this effort was born of a request from the Indiana-Kentucky Geological Society, Inc., for a refresher ...
  • Orr, R. William (Indiana Geological Survey, 1971)
    Study of the stratigraphic distribution of 20 species of the platform genera Icriodus, Polygnathus, Palmatolepis?, and Schmidtognathus at 11 subsurface localities in northern Indiana and at 10 supplementary outcrop localities ...

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