Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research


The Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR) leads the creation of IT security policy, security tools, and secure applications in critical areas of cyberinfrastructure, including health. CACR is affiliated with the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute and works closely with its partner organizations at Indiana University: CLEAR Health Information, the Maurer School of Law, the Kelley School of Business, the School of Informatics and Computing, REN-ISAC, the University Information Policy Office, and the University Information Security Office.

Recent Submissions

  • Basney, Jim; Jackson, Craig; Marsteller, Jim; Miller, Barton (2016-05-23)
    In 2016, CTSC launched a webinar series meant to fulfill the mission of providing readily available cybersecurity services tailored to the NSF science community. The CCoE Webinar Series Kickoff provides an overview of CTSC, ...
  • Heiland, Randy; Jim, Basney; Von, Welch (2014-06)
    CTSC ( and the Science Gateway Platform (SciGaP, ) present a variety of best security practices that pertain to science gateways, in general, and SciGaP, in particular.
  • Heiland, Randy; Marru, Suresh; Pierce, Marlon; Welch, Von (2014-05)
    The Science Gateway Platform (SciGaP, ) will provide services to help communities create Science Gateways. SciGaP (via Apache Airavata) will use the Apache Thrift framework ( ), a language ...
  • Heiland, Randy; Koranda, Scott; Marru, Suresh; Pierce, Marlon; Welch, Von (ACM, 2015-06-16)
    Distributed cyberinfrastructure requires users (and machines) to perform some sort of authentication and authorization (together simply known as "auth"). In the early days of com- puting, authentication was performed ...
  • Heiland, Randy; Welch, Von (2015-05)
    Discerning meaningful information from network log files is an ongoing challenge in cybersecurity. We demonstrate techniques for analyzing a large log of authentication events and associated graphs. Our approach is ...

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