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  • Johnson, M.A.; Zumbrun, K. (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2012)
    By the introduction of a generalized Evans function defined by an appropriate 2- modified Fredholm determinant, we give a simple proof of convergence in location and multiplicity of Hill's method for numerical approximation ...
  • Williams, J.D. (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2012)
    Let μ be a probability measure on the real line. In this paper we prove that there exists a decomposition $\mu = \mu_{0}\boxplus \mu_{1}\dots\boxplus \mu_{n}$such that $\mu_{0}$ is infinitely divisible, and $\mu_{i}$ is ...
  • Weber, M.; Wolf, M. (De Gruyter, 2012)
    We prove the existence of a family of embedded doubly periodic minimal surfaces of (quotient) genus g with orthogonal ends that generalizes the classical doubly periodic surface of Scherk and the genus-one Scherk surface ...
  • Geer, N.; Kashaev, R.; Turaev, V. (De Gruyter, 2012)
    We introduce systems of objects and operators in linear monoidal categories called $\hat{\Psi}$-systems. A $\hat{\Psi}$-system satisfying several additional assumptions gives rise to a topological invariant of triples (a ...
  • Cheng, C.; Feng, Z.; Su, Y. (Texas State University - San Marcos, 2012)
    In this article, we are concerned with the existence of positive solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equation whose nonlinearity contains the first-order derivative, $$\displaylines{ D_{0^+}^{\alpha}u(t)+ ...

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