Recent Submissions

  • Hancock, David Y. (2015-11-09)
  • Gniady, Tassie (2016-01-29)
  • Gniady, Tassie (2016-01-22)
  • Reagan, David M.; Beard, Patrick (2015-12-02)
    Staff from Indiana University's Advanced Visualization Lab will present lessons learned from our initial 2.5 years supporting the use of SOS for research, education, and creative activity. We will discuss the challenges ...
  • Stewart, Craig (2016-01-26)
    US President Obama recently signed an executive order creating the National Strategic Computing Initiative. This executive order sets out a goal of creating an exaFLOPS computational system for the US. One of the announcements ...
  • Hallock, Barbara (2016-02-15)
    Indiana University provides its own private instance of Github, available to anyone with IU credentials. The wildly popular Git software is a social tool for tracking changes to text files - which makes it especially useful ...
  • Quick, Rob (Indiana University, 2015-12-08)
    The Research Data Alliance (RDA) builds the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data.â Now in its third year, the Research Data Alliance has grown to over 3000 members from more than 100 countries ...
  • Gniady, Tassie (Indiana University, 2015-03-23)
    A presentation on the possible arrangements of the Niobids at Hadrian's Villa. Using combinatorics, the suite of possibilities was narrowed by 457 logarithmic factors.
  • Gniady, Tassie (Indiana University, 2015-05-04)
    This presentation was part of the "Supercharge Your Disseration!" workshop given by the IUB Libraries. In it, graduate students were given five different digital entry points that could help add digital content to their ...
  • Gniady, Tassie; Hooper, Wally (Indiana University, 2015-04-04)
    This brief how-to is an excerpt from a larger unit on R and its uses in the study of literature that I am constructing for a course on Digital Humanities to be taught in the Information and Library Science School at Indiana ...
  • Gniady, Tassie; Hooper, Wally (Indiana University, 2015-02-20)
    This presentation goes over both the broad suite of tools and knowledge available to humanists who want to interface with IT at Indiana University.
  • Arenson, Andrew D. (Indiana University, 2015-11-13)
    Indiana University has been selected by Glenn Close and her non-profit organization, U Bring Change 2 Mind, to be the national site to create a 'toolbox' of activities and events, designed by students for students to end ...
  • Wells, Aaron R.; Hallock, Barbara (Indiana University, 2015-10)
    NASA performs annual airborne ice surveys for the north and south hemispheres. The instrumentation is up to the scientists, who decide what community goals will have priority for the season. Our partners at CReSIS (Center ...
  • Wagner, Michael; Fulton, Ben; Henschel, Robert (2015-09-02)
    Utilizing the enormous computing resources of high performance computing systems is anything but a trivial task. Performance analysis tools are designed to assist developers in this challenging task by helping to understand ...
  • Reagan, David M. (Indiana University, 2015-10-20)
    The use of familiar web technologies makes it easier to enable multi-touch experiences from anywhere with a web browser and a touchscreen, from phones to desktops to large touch tables and display walls. This presentation ...
  • Reagan, David M. (Indiana University, 2015-03-05)
    he Scholars' Commons IQ-Wall is a large, high-resolution display which is open to all IU students, faculty, and staff. In this workshop, UITS Advanced Visualization Lab staff will demonstrate how this facility's unique ...
  • Beard, Patrick; Reagan, David M. (2014-10-8)
    IU's Cyberinfrastructure Building is home to the 97th installation of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Science On a Sphere(SoS). The presentation discusses how the Advanced Visualization Lab uses ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2015-10-27)
    Presentation discusses XSEDE and Jetstream as national sources of research CI resources. Also discusses Bridges, Comet, Wrangler and OSG.
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2015-10-27)
    Presentation discusses importance of strategy in developing research CI; reviews role of IU IT strategic plans; and shows relevance of IT to arts, humanities, economy, and job growth.
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2015-10-27)
    Discusses XSEDE and Jetstream resources as enabling growth of national cyberinfrastructure.

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