Campus Bridging

Recent Submissions

  • Coulter, Eric; Hallock, Barbara; Pamidighantam, Sudhakar (2016-02-09)
    A webinar hosted by XSEDE and IU discussing no-cost, open source resources for scientific computation.
  • Hallock, Barbara; Coulter, Eric (Indiana University, 2015-12-03)
    Slides from an XSEDE webinar presenting resources for system administrators of new and existing cluster compute resources not affiliated with XSEDE.
  • Hallock, Barbara; Knepper, Richard; Stewart, Craig A. (2015-09)
    For the researcher whose experiments require large-scale cyberinfrastructure, there exists significant challenges to successful completion. These challenges are broad and go far beyond the simple issue that there are not ...
  • Hallock, Barbara; Knepper, Richard; Ferguson, James; Stewart, Craig A. (ACM Digital Library, 2014-07)
    The major goals of the XSEDE Campus Bridging pilot were to simplify the transition between resources local to the researcher and those at the national scale, as well as those resources intermediary to them; to put in place ...
  • Hallock, Barbara; Knepper, Richard; Ferguson, James; Stewart, Craig A. (ACM, 2014-11)
    Compute resources for conducting research inhabit a wide range from researchers' personal computers, servers in labs, campus clusters and condos, regional resource-sharing models, and national cyberinfrastructure. Researchers ...
  • Knepper, Richard L. (Indiana University, 2015-06-25)
    The presentation describes the goals, vision, and strategy of campus bridging, what it provides for users, and what is required at campus sites.
  • Welch, Von (2013-03-13)
    DOE/ESnet shutting down DOE Grids CA. OSG transitioning CA functionality to OSG service, so goal is to manage smooth transition of PKI functionality to there new OSG service.
  • Quick, Rob (2013-03-12)
    An overview of the Computational Sciences at Indiana University (CSIU) virtual organization and Open Science Grid resources
  • Knepper, Rich (9/30/2013)
    The document describes the XSEDE campus bridging pilot that was conducted from January 2012 to July 2013, the relevant XSEDE use cases for the campus bridging pilot, and the experiences of the system administrators and ...
  • Dreher, Patrick; Stewart, Craig A.; Pepin, James M.; Almes, Guy T.; Mundrane, Michael; Ahalt, Stanley C. (2013)
    In 2010, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a grant of $49,840 to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to organize a workshop on the topic of campus cyberinfrastructure with the title “Campus Bridging ...
  • Hallock, Barbara (2013-03)
    A brief description of Indiana University's activities, and the rationale therefore, as they pertain to the concept of campus bridging (the easing of transition between individual and much larger cyberinfrastructure resources).
  • Stewart, Craig A. (3/23/2010)
    This presentation provides an overview of the National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure Task Forces: - Campus Bridging - Data - Grand Challenge Task Force - High Performance Computing - ...
  • Knepper, Richard; Stewart, Craig A. (11/1/2011)
    Richard Knepper attended the TeraGrid 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, and together with representatives from the TeraGrid Campus Champions program conducted a Birds of a Feather session discussing the XSEDE Campus ...
  • Miller, Therese M. (12/6/2011)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (8/31/2011)
    This presentation gives an overview of campus bridging and its relation to XSEDE, the NSF-funded next-generation replacement for the TeraGrid.
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2009-11)
    Overview of NSF ACCI Task Force on Campus Bridging.
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Link, Matthew R.; Turner, George; Barnett, William K. (2011-11)
    IU and its partners are collaborating with Penguin Computing Inc. to implement a new model of ‘above campus’ services that provides many of the advantages of “cloud” services, while avoiding many of the drawbacks.
  • Stewart, Craig A. (9/7/2011)
    The XSEDE campus bridging group will help XSEDE create the software, tools and training that will allow excellent interoperation between XSEDE infrastructure researchers local (campus) cyberinfrastructure; enable excellent ...
  • Welch, Von (10/20/2010)
    Overview of recommendations regarding campus bridging, presented at the October 2010 Southeastern Universities Research Association Information Technology Committee Meeting.
  • Knepper, Rich; Stewart, Craig A.; Ferguson, James Wade (7/20/2011)
    In early 2009 National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI) charged six different task forces to make strategic recommendations to the NSF in strategic areas of cyberinfrastructure: ...

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