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  • Yang, Jongsung (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1988)
  • Kostelecký, V.A.; Nieto, M.M. (American Physical Society, 1986)
    A reply to the comment on evidence for a phenomenological supersymmetr in atomic physics is presented.
  • You, Eunkyung ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    This dissertation will discuss Koszul algebras and Koszul type Np property. It is a basic problem of homological algebra to compute cohomology algebras of various augmented algebras. One of main purpose is to find the ...
  • McDonald, Robert; Charbonneau, Gary; Charbonneau, Mechael (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2012-11-28)
    The Kuali OLE version 0.8 release will be the first implementable release of Kuali OLE. This session will give an update to the project overall, and specific details as to the functionality included in version 0.8 and what ...
  • Morgan, J.F.; Blatt, S.L.; Ploughe, W.D.; Kovash, M.A. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1978)
  • Ponce, Gustavo (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 2002)
  • Botne, Robert D. (Société d’études linguistiques et anthropologiques de France (SELAF), 1983)
    In this study the author endeavors to differentiate and describe the temporal functions of various verbal prefixes in KinyaRwanda. These morphemes are shown to constitute diverse semantic (temporal) systems—vector and ...
  • Grosz-Ngaté, Maria (Michigan State University Press, 2000)
    This chapter analyzes the social dynamics and cultural meanings of male and female labor migration among Bamana speakers in the province of Sana, Segou region. It discusses the modalities of migration in the context of ...
  • Friesel, D.; Hicks, J.; Taylor, J.; Ellison, T.; Sloan, T.; Foster, C.; Petri, H.R.; Collins, J.C.; Manwaring, W.; Fox, M.; Koch, S. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1986)
  • Hicks, J.; Taylor, J.; Friesel, D.L.; Redding, J.; Ball, M.; Berglund, K.; Cary, M.; Jenner, D.; Pei, A.; Self, J.; Dermois, O.; Foster, C.; Petri, H.; Ellison, T.; Collins, J.C. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1985)
  • Pollock, R.E.; Marti, F.; Littauer, R.; Bagwell, T. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1984)
  • IUCF (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1980)
  • IUCF (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1981)
  • IUCF (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1982)
  • Gomes, A.H.; Kostelecký, V.A.; Vargas, A.J. (American Physical Society, 2014)
    The prospects are explored for testing Lorentz and $CPT$ symmetry in the muon sector via the spectroscopy of muonium and various muonic atoms, and via measurements of the anomalous magnetic moments of the muon and antimuon. ...
  • Latko, Martha (Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives, 2016-01-21)
    The Lake County Affidavits Collection comprises 1.50 linear feet (3 boxes) of affidavits related to estates and mortgages. The affidavits provide names and dates of recording. If you locate a record of interest and would ...
  • Latko, Martha (Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives, 2015-11-24)
    This volume serves as an index for claims submitted to Lake County, Indiana government for reimbursement to persons and/or businesses providing goods and/or services to the county. Of particular interest are soldier ...
  • Latko, Martha (Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives, 2016-01-21)
    The Lake County Criminal Case Index Cards Collection comprises 12.00 linear feet in 24 boxes of small index cards. The cards provide the following information: Last name; First name; Code number; Cause number; and any ...
  • Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives (2015-11-10)
    These three volumes serve as an index of insolvent tax payers in Lake County, Indiana. Unfortunately, there are no other documents associated with this index. The volumes are organized by surname of the taxpayer.
  • Latko, Martha; Phelps, Norma (Indiana University Northwest. Calumet Regional Archives, 2016-01-14)
    These three volumes constitute an index of the Inventory Books for Estates and Guardianships in Lake County, Indiana. This index covers the period from May 13, 1910 thru December 27, 1923 and contains over 8,500 names.

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