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  • Ketterson, Ellen (2000)
    From left: Val Nolan Jr., Ellen Ketterson
  • Nicole Gerlach (2013-03-29)
    Listing of initials and names of Ketterson/Nolan Research Group members participating in Dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis) research at Mountain Lake Biological Station, Pembroke, Virginia. Includes listing of numbers of ...
  • Lynch, Shola; Graney, Brian; O'Leary, Barbara Ann; Trout, Grafton; Martin, Michael T.; Stewart, Jacqueline; Francis, Terri (Black Film Center/Archive, Indiana University - Bloomington, 2013-11-15)
  • Althobaiti, Nada (Indiana University South Bend, 2013-01-01)
    Retaining teachers in their early professional stages or afterwards is a major issue that raises concerns. The resilience of college professors in respect to what motivates their retention in their various educational ...
  • Williams, J.D. (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2012)
    Let μ be a probability measure on the real line. In this paper we prove that there exists a decomposition $\mu = \mu_{0}\boxplus \mu_{1}\dots\boxplus \mu_{n}$such that $\mu_{0}$ is infinitely divisible, and $\mu_{i}$ is ...
  • Taylor, Milton W. (2011-01-24)
    Description of my time in Kibbutz Amiad, Work with the sheep, Arab wedding, and meeting my wife. Leaving the kibbutz.
  • Cajkanovic, Veselin; Sjoberg, Marilyn (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1974-10)
  • Balthaser, Benjamin (Criticism, 2012)
    Scenes from Richard Wright's Native Son (1940) could be read as pointed satire of the documentary aesthetic, and easily be taken as Wright's final statement on the 1930s radical documentary. Balthaser argues that 12 Million ...
  • Daehnick, W.W.; Dytman, S.A.; Brooks, W.K.; Hardie, J.G.; Flammang, R.W.; Bland, L.C.; Jacobs, W.W.; Rinckel, T.C.; Pancella, P.V.; Brown, J.D.; Jacobsen, E. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1992)
  • Daehnick, W.W.; Dytman, S.A.; Brooks, W.K.; Hardie, J.G.; Flammang, R.W.; Bland, L.; Jacobs, W.; Rinckel, T.; Pancella, P.; Brown, J.D.; Jacobsen, E. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1991)
  • Nogueira Joyce, Samantha (International Journal of Communication, 2013)
    This article addresses the inherent bias in Brazilian telenovelas’ representations of homosexual love. Medium- and genre-specific biases such as the visuality of telenovelas are powerful limiting agents of representation. ...
  • Grabe, Maria Elizabeth; Yang, JungAe (Sage Publications, 2011-12)
    This experimental study tested the knowledge gap hypothesis at the intersection of audience education levels and news formats (newspaper versus online). The findings reveal a gap in public affairs knowledge acquisition ...
  • Hara, Noriko; Hew, Khe Foon (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2007)
    Purpose – The purpose of this study is twofold: to examine the types of activity that nurses undertake on an online community of practice (APN-l) as well as the types of knowledge that nurses share with one another; and ...
  • Ko-oh 
    Kim, Texu, 1980- (2015-05-04)
  • Yang, Jongsung (Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 1988)
  • Kostelecký, V.A.; Nieto, M.M. (American Physical Society, 1986)
    A reply to the comment on evidence for a phenomenological supersymmetr in atomic physics is presented.
  • You, Eunkyung ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    This dissertation will discuss Koszul algebras and Koszul type Np property. It is a basic problem of homological algebra to compute cohomology algebras of various augmented algebras. One of main purpose is to find the ...
  • McDonald, Robert; Charbonneau, Gary; Charbonneau, Mechael (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2012-11-28)
    The Kuali OLE version 0.8 release will be the first implementable release of Kuali OLE. This session will give an update to the project overall, and specific details as to the functionality included in version 0.8 and what ...
  • Morgan, J.F.; Blatt, S.L.; Ploughe, W.D.; Kovash, M.A. (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, 1978)

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