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  • Newman, Paul; Kaye, Alan (De Gruyter, 2007)
    In this interview, Paul Newman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, the world's leading Chadicist and Hausaist, and one of the world's leading linguists specializing in African and Afroasiatic languages ...
  • Newman, Paul (Mega-Chad Miscellaneous Publications, 2013)
  • Newman, Paul (University of Hawai'i Press, 2007-06)
    This paper addresses copyright issues that linguists confront in their capacity as users and creators of scholarly work. It is organized in a simple question-answer format. Questions 1–3 present the basics of U.S. copyright ...
  • Newman, Paul (University of Hawaii Press, 2009-06)
  • Newman, Paul (Mega-Chad Miscellaneous Publications, 2013)
    The Hausa term boko, used in the name Boko Haram, is commonly asserted, by journalists and political commentators as well as by academic linguists, to be derived from the English word “book”. This turns out to be false. ...

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