Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy

The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy is a refereed academic publication that aims to foster intellectual discussion and exchange about efforts to promote education for democratic citizenship across the Americas. The IJED is a plural forum that diffuses knowledge on a wide array of topics, disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodologies in the field of citizenship education for democracy.



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Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

Introductory Essay

Editorial Introduction Sin título () PDF (Español) PDF
Medardo Tapia Uribe 9


Education in Communities of Population in Resistance in the Ixcán: State denial and educational mediation PDF PDF (Español)
Rodrigo J. Veliz 21
Gathering life stories and identifying perspectives: school institutions in a Nahua community in Mexico PDF (Español) PDF
Verónica Medrano Camacho 21
New citizenships: Identitary processes of young adults involved in social action PDF PDF (Español)
Ana Corina Fernández Alatorre 17
Education without Redemption: Ten Reflections about the Relevance of the Freirean Legacy PDF (Español) Untitled () PDF
Gustavo E. Fischman, Víctor H. Díaz 19

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