Number Two (June 2014)

Table of Contents

Kenshur Prize for Best Book in Eighteenth-Century Studies

James Johnson's Venice Incognito PDF
Lynn Festa 1-3
Public Masks, Politics, and Cultural History PDF
Eric Slauter 4-6

Bloomington Workshop (annual spring conference)

For Instance... Eighteenth-Century Exemplarity, its Practices and Limits (call for papers) PDF
The Center 7-8
For Instance... Eighteenth-Century Exemplarity (conference program) PDF
The Center 9-11
About the Participants
The Center 12-14
Introductory Comments PDF
Mary A. Favret 15-16
Rights Claims and Precedent in British Common Law (abstract)
Susan Staves 17
The Reasonable Man: An Exemplary Character? (abstract)
Simon Stern 18
Exemplary Fictions, Legal and Otherwise (comment) PDF
Jonathan Elmer 19-21
Discussion (transcript)
The Participants 22-43
Exemplary Punishment, Exemplary Terror (summary)
Ron Schechter 44
The Vault, the Arch, the Example: Narrative and Justice in Kleist and Hume (abstract)
Johannes Turk 45
“Portentous, unexampled, unexplain’d”: Poetry and Philosophy (abstract) PDF
Anahid Nersessian 46
Counter-Exemplarity and Romantic Form (comment) PDF
Jesse Molesworth 47-48
Discussion (transcript) PDF
The Participants 49-69
The Exemplary and the Normative in Kant’s Critique of Judgment (summary)
Michel Chaouli 70-71
Discussion (transcript) PDF
The Participants 72-81
The Crowning Example: the Unparalleled Exemplarity of Louis XIV (abstract)
Hall Bjornstad 82
The Breakdown of Apparitional Exemplarity from Defoe to Richardson (abstract) PDF
Daniel J. Johnson 83
Unparalleled (comment) PDF
Richard Nash 85-88
Discussion (transcript)
The Participants 89-104
Closing Comments PDF
Scott Juengel 105-108